custom A.I. solutions.

machine learning

data science
problems at scale.

interactive data
apps & visualizations.

data nerds.

We are NumberBoost, an award-winning
data science studio that builds
custom Artificial Intelligence solutions

Vehicle Inspections using
Computer Vision

We use deep convolutional neural networks to give computers the ability to read license disks and detect damage from photos...
together with a feedback mechanism so the machine learns over time

MBSA Phone
Spatial dashboard Phone

Machine Learning

We love crafting
interactive machine learning
visualizations & tools
that let you peer inside
black box predictive models

Intelligent Real-time
Video Surveilance

We have sucessfully deployed real-time video A.I. systems with cutting edge object detection and license plate recognition to detect anomalies as soon as they happen


We create custom solutions using
cutting edge machine learning:

Computer Vision

  • image classification
  • object detection
  • video analysis & people counting
  • visual inspections
  • optical character recognition
  • license plate recognition

Natural Language Processing

  • text classification
  • sentiment analysis
  • automated FAQ answering
  • chatbots
  • thematic analysis
  • automated response systems

Data Science

  • recommendation engines
  • churn prediction
  • fraud detection
  • customer clustering
  • propensity to buy models
  • network analysis

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